" For Customers "
We aim to be a company that can share the sound by delivering trust and security to customers sincerely with new ideas and execution capabilities.


" For Employees "
We aim to be a trusted company in pursuit of the happiness of all employees.


" For the community and society "
Aiming to be a trusted company by contributing to the community and society with awareness of social responsibility as a member of the local community.
To realize and implement these promises,
We do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, creed, religion, gender, mental or physical disability, and are not involved in antisocial forces.
Strive to create a bright and comfortable working environment
As a member of society, you will be honest, courteous, respectful and proud.
Always strive to grow with high ideals and foresight
When performing business,
① Basic objectives are innovation, structural reform, and improvement of profitability
②We value precision, accuracy and speed
③We will comply with laws, regulations, government ordinances, internal regulations, information management
④Treat company property carefully without abuse or misuse
⑤ We will pursue the ideal form and continue to make efforts to achieve it.
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