[August 3-4] The 15th Sri Lanka Festival is held!
Announcement Post date 2019年06月25日
Event date 2019.06.27(Thu) ~ 2019.06.30(Sun)
The 15th Sri Lanka Festival will be held.
■Date 2019.06.27(Thu)~2019.06.30(Sun) 10:00~20:00

※Rain or shine

■Location Yoyogi Park Event Square

free entrance

A booth at the Sri Lanka Festival
■ A booth at the Sri Lanka Festival

On that day, more than 100 booths and shops gathered together to introduce Sri Lankan jewelry, crafts and other miscellaneous goods and tea, as well as various businesses in Sri Lanka (astrology, Ayurveda, etc.). At the food court, you can enjoy spicy traditional dishes and home tastes, as well as local Sri Lankan sake that you can't taste anywhere else.

■ Main stage: Traditional Butoh

Traditional dance in Sri Lanka with a history of over 2500 years. There are three styles: Candy, Low Country and Sabaragamuwa Dance. The dance expresses emotions, Buddhist teachings, and stories, and has been inherited by many people in Sri Lanka. Music, including butoh and traditional taiko performances on stage, will invite you to a rich Sri Lankan cultural experience.

■ Sri Lanka Grand Lottery

A lottery to win 10 luxurious prizes will be held
● Round-trip ticket to Sri Lanka
● Residence vouchers for meals at famous hotels
● Jewelry and jewelry